Thursday, 17 December 2009

Jai Guru Deva Ohm

A long long time ago in a Second Life not too far away...

My Dear Honeybee loves music...and loves Craig Lyons and one of her favourite Craig Lyons' songs is his cover of The Beatles 'Across The Universe' which I've got to admit rocks...

So when offered the opportunity to be in Craig's Machinima of said song as members of the Orchestra, well we jumped at the chance. Now if you've ever been an extra in a TV show or Movie or in a SL Machinima you know the drill it's a lot of Hurry Up & Wait. Basically we were sat in the back row playing viola's for two hours and making terrible jokes...or at least I was.

Oh and a note on the outfits, dear reader (readers? Plural? do I have more than one?) These are freebie outfits...And I'm not used to wearing freebies...I'm a Muism, Zaara, Alphamale kinda guy and I'm just recently getting into COCO's new male line.
That's not to say that the outfits were bad...but they were designed more for the background than for anything else. Far be it from me to start commenting on fashion, I will leave that to more talented people (like my Honeybee...)

The whole night was fairly easy going and I'm glad we did it...I haven't acted in SL for a while and I'm kinda missing that buzz...So to appear as an extra in a video...that's going to have to do for a while!

Christmas is still trundling towards us...Hope everyone is having happy Holidays.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

All Is Fair In Love & Warts

Not everyday can be unicorns and butterflies, not everyday can be magic, some days can be gruelling and a measure of stamina rather than that of love. Last night was one of those days.

Incongruously enough it started out with me feeling a little worn out with no real plans and schemes to speak of, but really it started before that. It started with July thinking that she wasn't model pretty enough to model clothes for Luschious Kids. A back and forth between her and I started early in the day and left me feel ragged and tired and quite a little down.

Sympathy for her only goes so far, she's a talented little moppet and can do almost anything she puts her mind to. But her self confidence was low and that rubbed off onto me and when Honeybee and Oreo returned home it begin to rub off on them too.

Honeybee had had a tiring day, I could tell...and I'd had a day where I didn't really do anything but felt emotionally drained. Tired and Tireder. What followed was a night where nothing made sense, where any little action was over analysed and where questions of well being started feeling like an interrogation by the Spanish Inquisition...and to quote Monty Python, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

This is rambling with no real purpose, but the night was rambling with no real end...tonight Honeybee and I are acting in a Craig Lyons machinima. Let us look to the future...let tonight be a good one and let yesterday become a fading memory. I love my family and last night with emotions ranging and raging it reminded me how much I love them. Even the bad times aren't so bad.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Shopping, Shoes, Blues and Toys

I like to think I'm a relaxed dad...y'know not uptight, not going to explode at any given second because of some slight misbehaviour out of my daughters. And all in all I think it's important for me to set boundaries for my girls, things they are allowed to do and things they're not.

This doesn't mean those boundaries are always respected. Oreo wants high heels and seems to want to grow up so fast that I fear she'll lose her childhood before she turns 12...
This leaves me conflicted, I know that she'd be really happy wearing heels and dressing in fashions that are more risqué, but I don't want her to become a teenager before she's a teenager...I have imposed a "no high heels" rule...with both my daughters...but Oreo is curious and yesterday under the pretence or the preteen pretence of heading to the bathroom, I found her skulking around in a pair of heels that would break the neck of most who wore them.

So there's the crime...the punishment...well it's difficult to enforce grounding her, and one of Oreo's problems is she hasn't got enough clothes as it least not yet, she's too old for 90% of the kids fashions in SL and too young for 90% of the adult fashions in SL. My punishment to her should be making her go shopping, but like her Mom, she loves shopping and that's not really a punishment in itself.

I did get her some new shoes (as advised by my dear Honeybee...though taking an 11 year old shoe obsessed girl into J's Main Shop @ TSUKISHIMA was perhaps something I should have realised would cause me a few headaches :) ) We then went around looking for something, anything that was within her age range for toys or games...Christmas is coming and I think I have ideas...

Monday, 14 December 2009

11 Months

It's now been over 11 months since my Honeybee and I got married, partnered etc...and so many things have changed since last January when we stood in front of a crowd of people who were closest to us and vowed to love each other forever.

Things change all the time in Second Life, it's a given...people alter their shapes/skins etc sometimes this change is good sometimes this change is bad. I've changed a little in the 11 months I've been married but one thing will always remain true, my undying love for Honoria.

To celebrate our 11 months together we planned a night out, music and dancing and food and...good times :).
Naturally, things didn't go to plan. According to the Events listing there was a "Big Band" and "Jazz" night with a meal and...I thought this might be really fun...but the Events listing was wrong...and we turned up to an empty Ballroom dressed to the nines (Honeybee glows in any clothes, but I've always loved her "little black dress" :) )

After the disappointment of finding my plans scuppered...we made haste to a different place...actually it was a Mall Ballroom! It for the 4 songs we stayed for and thus started our whirlwind tour of Second Life music venues. Between our constant IM's about the quality of the singers or buildings or general hosting of events we had such a good time that the laughter and love made me realise that I am the luckiest man in the world.

Happy 11 Monthiversary, My Darling Honeybee...

I love you

Saturday, 5 December 2009



Although I got to spend some great time with my wife on a Wednesday night I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about one of the other ladies in my life, my little Oreo...or in plain English, one of my daughters Oracle Mae.

Oreo is the latest addition to my growing SL family and although we don't get to spend a great deal of time together I cherish each and every moment with her. I'm sort of getting used to being her Dad...and I'm probably not very good at it...though I'm learning.

We went skating for a while on Thursday night at Everlasting Family in Second Life (next to Funky Town) where she showed off some moves and I was able to get this picture of us with Santa...well a Santa mannequin anyway. If you're wondering where she got that cute green skating dress from...well it was actually made for her by her sister (and obviously my other daughter) July.

As ever I always enjoy my time with Oreo and it never seems to be too long, shortly after this picture was taken her Mom and July took her shopping (well lucky chair watching at any rate) and so I was left guarding the house with a cup of strong coffee while waiting for the ladies in my life to return.

This Sunday we're decorating the house for Christmas and the whole family will be involved in one way or another. I'm looking forward to the fun...the madness...the sillyness...

Until next time...

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Cold Nights, Warm Hearts

As the legendary Noddy Holder once said in his inimitable way...It's Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss!
Ahh yes, the time is ripe for shopping and dancing..and snow and romancing.

Things have been a bit up in the air of late, Honeybee, myself and the girls have been having issues stemming from RL, to timing to...well...lets just say Holiday arguments are just relegated to real life shall we?

But....Last Night...

Like a glow from some ethereal land, last night warmed my heart and made me feel like I was walking in the air.
It wasn't a massively special night, but was memorable because of it' started out with a shopping trip to *COCO* with my Honeybee imploring me to buy a new coat (and yes I did and yes it's awesome, and yes she's the best shopper in the world :) ). And finished with us slowly dancing to Silent Night in our new local pub The Swan & Tor (check it out on Glastonbury, Second Life).

There was ice-skating in-between...and other stores and planning and cuddling and decorating and smiles and giggles and jokes was one of those nights...

I love you Honeybee...

and though it's been said many times, many ways...Merry Christmas to you

Monday, 24 August 2009

Ok, I'm a bad blogger...

Lets see, the stuff I've missed blogging on...
  • Mine and Honeybee's wedding...well there's a story for another time!
  • Acting and Designing Sets...there's drama there that holds no bounds.
  • Adoption of our second daughter Oracle May Windlow Paine-Lusch...she's my Oreo.
  • Complete giving up on GOHA...
So...what am I going to talk about? Well I could start by discussing the current business venture...but...nah...Snail Racing!

When I started commentating on what is now's Global Online Hockey Association shows I naturally started watching There were/are some cool shows and the shows I really loved were as follows. Sail On: which was just brilliant to have in the background, Paisley Beebe:always good to watch and then RacerX Gullwing's Giant Snail Racing.

Man I loved the show, I remember I was working on some stuff to send to Texas Tintam when I saw it for the first time. I immediately stopped what I was doing and sent an IM to Texas telling her this show was like a cross between a racing programme and The Magic Roundabout.

A few months later I finally got chance to go down and visit the racetrack and met with Waelya Tenk...she taught me the basics...and now...well now I'm addicted.

I'm not the fastest snail on the track (I've come 4th so many times in the last race, it's almost a given) but when that cow hits the wall I'm amped up and running for my life!!