Thursday, 17 December 2009

Jai Guru Deva Ohm

A long long time ago in a Second Life not too far away...

My Dear Honeybee loves music...and loves Craig Lyons and one of her favourite Craig Lyons' songs is his cover of The Beatles 'Across The Universe' which I've got to admit rocks...

So when offered the opportunity to be in Craig's Machinima of said song as members of the Orchestra, well we jumped at the chance. Now if you've ever been an extra in a TV show or Movie or in a SL Machinima you know the drill it's a lot of Hurry Up & Wait. Basically we were sat in the back row playing viola's for two hours and making terrible jokes...or at least I was.

Oh and a note on the outfits, dear reader (readers? Plural? do I have more than one?) These are freebie outfits...And I'm not used to wearing freebies...I'm a Muism, Zaara, Alphamale kinda guy and I'm just recently getting into COCO's new male line.
That's not to say that the outfits were bad...but they were designed more for the background than for anything else. Far be it from me to start commenting on fashion, I will leave that to more talented people (like my Honeybee...)

The whole night was fairly easy going and I'm glad we did it...I haven't acted in SL for a while and I'm kinda missing that buzz...So to appear as an extra in a video...that's going to have to do for a while!

Christmas is still trundling towards us...Hope everyone is having happy Holidays.

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