Sunday, 24 October 2010

Mustangs @ Whales, Out-Takes

Friday, 10 September 2010 Expo Press Release | Treet TV Expo Press Release | Treet TV Expo Press Release

A Brief Brief

For two days Second Life's most watched and beloved media network is throwing open it's doors in a bonanza of style, content and fun. All your favourite Treet shows have booths and events happening during the two day event which will blow your socks off (even if you're barefoot).

The Expo will be held on Tropical Treet ( with a mixture of scheduled events and high profile shenanigans going on through out the weekend. There's hunts, prizes, freebies, music, live shows and a chance for you to be on TV.

About Treet TV

Treet TV is an entertainment network that serves virtual worlds viewers and producers. Established in March 2007, Treet TV uses a collaborative production model which has resulted in more than 3000 hours of broadcast quality content, all targeting the emerging phenomenon of virtual living. We work with talented people located all around the world who are creating events in Second Life, from fashion shows, to sporting contests and music performances.

Shows are broadcast live to audiences inworld on Treet TV enabled television screens, as well as live onto the world wide web. Large scale live events in the past include the Transformers press event, Philip Rosedale SL6B Opening Ceremony and the Best Practices in Education conferences.
A business-focused companion site highlights how virtual worlds are being used to enrich and enhance corporate and enterprise innovation. It can be found at

TV Line Up


Giant Snail Races
Where: Hawthorne
When: 11th September 2010 - 11:00AM PDT

Lauren Live - Wiz Nordberg Roast
Where: Tropical Treet
When: 11th September 2010 - 4:00PM PDT


VSN Simboarding
Where: Dream Horizon
When: 12th September - 12:00PM PDT

GOHA Hockey :: Ice Lords@Moose
Where: Empty Net- Cleary Arena
When: 12th September - 2:00PM PDT

Dirtfield Races
Where: Otway
When: 12th September 2010 - 4:00PM PDT

Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe
Where: Northpoint
When: 12th September 2010 - 6:00PM PDT

Live N Kickin - The Follow
Where: Northpoint
When: 12th September 2010 - 8:00PM PDT

All Shows shown live on

Come join us and have fun.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Pet Peeves - 3DConnexions Space Navigator

Don't get me wrong I'm sure the 3DConnexions Space Navigator is looks fantastic and I want one...I really do.

I could justify (kinda) paying $99USD for the thing, that's roughly £65.26 GBP then ofcourse there's tax on top of that...currently 17.5% so that would be about £76.68...lets call that £77 for rounding up sake. Heck I'd go as far as £80, with tax.

That's not too bad, I'd probably be willing to buy one at that price.

Except that's not what they're selling it for. From the website it's £117.81 for the navigator. that's with's actually £99GBP without tax...for those of you thinking "well that's about what it is in the US..." think again the exchange rate from GBP to USD has never been 1-1 and probably never will be. £99GBP is about $150.19USD. You see where I'm going with that?

3DConnexions is not the only company who do this with US and UK prices and I've never seen a suitable reasoning for it.

So yeah, I'd love a Space Navigator, I think they look awesome and I'm sure it would be a great help to me in Second Life with Machinima and Building and even for just playing about. But I can't justify spending £30GBP more than the product is actually worth. Times are hard enough as it is why are companies making it more difficult?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Daily PWN: Weekly Review - Virtual Wiz

In this special episode, Matt Ryan has a sit-down with one of the Treet.TV founders, Wiz Nordberg. They discuss mobile gaming, virtual worlds and the future of controllers.

Games Covered:
Crosswords -
Plain Sight -
Strategery -
Second Life -
Pocket Metaverse -

For more information about Wiz Nordberg and Treet visit:

Monday, 19 July 2010

Advertising on The Daily PWN

The Daily PWN is a multimedia hub giving frank and honest opinions in the world of gaming and technology along with interviews with key people involved in virtual worlds. It is run and produced by Matt Ryan who specialises in writing articles about independent games as well as up and coming things within the world of Second Life, PC, Mac, iPhone OS, X-Box 360, Nintendo and Sony platforms.

The dedicated website is filled with articles that are updated regularly and is constantly growing in popularity, the weekly video podcast produced within the virtual world of Second Life is hosted through Treet TV, the most popular and highly acclaimed television network covering the metaverse.

We're currently opening our site and show to advertisers and sponsors and offering a wonderful limited edition series of rates to help get the ball rolling, we feel that we can offer a diverse and knowledgeable audience to your advertisements from key demographical areas.

The below rates will change post September but if you are a subscribed advertiser by that point we can guarantee that your rates will stay at this price for at least 12 months, this is an opportunity for you to step on board with a growing community and give your business an added edge.

Advertisement Type

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With the top package we will help you create an advertisement that suits your needs, working with a professional voice over team and qualified video service specialist we can create your advert for no extra charge.

If you'd like to express an interest in advertising on The Daily PWN, please contact and we'd be happy to discuss things further.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

M Linden, so long and thanks for all the fish

There were rumours on the internets this morning about a possible Linden Labs shift of power and now in a press release Philip Linden (Philip Rosedale) has confirmed that M Linden (Mark Kingdon) has stepped down as CEO of Linden Labs

With Philip coming back as an interim CEO will we be seeing some of the faces let go in the last few weeks return?

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Daily PWN - The PWN Continues

All right, Mr Belvedere. This interview was an interesting one to get, I've been associated with GOHA since it was in Season 2 and I've done a lot of work with them, captaining a side in the 3rd Season, Commissionaire of The Euro League in the 5th Season, Designer of Hockey Jerseys for both the Euro League and an All Star event. I've known Jack longer than 90% of my friends lists. He was best man at my wedding and he's an awesome guy.

GOHA is one of the easiest sports to pick up in Second Life and conversely one of the hardest to master. There are levels of play and teamwork and tactics just like in the real world. With them currently expanding the league and working alongside Linden Labs with the Community Partnership Programme we thought it was the ideal time to interview the creator of the game.

This is the return of "Auggie Cam" yes, my camera is the medium shot of Jack Belvedere staring intimidatingly at you :).

The other part of this show? Well that was handled with fits of giggles between myself and Matt, we're absolutely serious professionals when it comes to a take. But sometimes Matt's tangents can be insane and I feel it's my job to keep him on message. That said anyone who can hear us singing during breaks would run screaming. We're not entering American Idol anytime soon. Our rendition of "Still Alive" from the Portal game is...well it's definitely something.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

reBlog from The Daily PWN

I found this fascinating quote today:

We’ve come a long way since then. Hyperballoid HD on the Playstation Network is the latest take on the classic genre. The game is simple, destroy bricks, keep the ball bouncing, collect power ups and jewels and avoid power downs. Addictive fun, right? Wrong!, The Daily PWN, May 2010

You should read the whole article.

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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Daily PWN - Millionaire, Mario, Memory and Metaverse Music | Treet TV

The Daily PWN - Millionaire, Mario, Memory and Metaverse Music | Treet TV

Time & Tide

The kids have their shop, Honeybee and I have a project coming up and then there's furniture and GOHA (Honeybee's stuff) Snail Racing and The Daily PWN (My stuff) and you begin to wonder if there is time to be a family any more.

Well the truth is scheduling can be a nightmare, in fact, scheduling is probably the wrong word for the family chaos.  But we strive to see each other as much as possible and on Sunday night, all of us were online.  So what did we do to celebrate such an awesome occasion?  Why get the family Spring Summer Portrait done ofcourse!

Yes there were pouts and shenanigans and tears before bedtime and all that...but honestly, I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Relay For Life - Giant Snail Racing

Relay For Life...
A massively good cause which RacerX Gullwing supports in his own inimitable style.  How does he support the American Cancer Society and make it fun for people?  Giant Snail Cross Country Race!!

Like a Marathon for the Giant Snail community the Cross Country Race pits 45 foot snail against 45 foot snail across 60 sims in a battle of endurance and grid stability.

The actual sight of a large number of snails racing down the roads of mainland sims in Second Life is a sight to behold for passers by and the carnival feeling of it will bring smiles to both the young and the old.

And again it's for a good cause...
You can be involved with the Giant Snail Cross Country Race in more ways than one, you can either race (the next event is on April 17th and you can get your scarves at Aborholm, Abitibi in Second Life)  There are different scarves available and they will ultimately place you on different sims at the start of the race.

There is something new this time, for those who don't feel up to a marathon race dressed as a giant snail..

Here is the way you can be involved without having to be a snail.

You can sponsor a snail

The sponsor would pledge so many L$ on a snail for each sim they went through. Depending on the place of the snail at the finish of the race the amount would be more.

for example

10th or below.......1L$ per sim,
7th...........................4L$, ect. to 1st place where the amount would be 10 L per sim for a maximum donation of 600L for the 60 sim race.

So I'm looking for sponsors...IM me in world if you would like to sponsor me through the race...Again, I can't stress how much this is for a good cause, a few L$'s might mean very little to you, but every little helps.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

if you try...cry...why...

and maybe I've been trying too long to see the light at the end of this tunnel, maybe I've lost so much that anything I hold dear to becomes sacred.  Maybe you were not the one for me.

I chuckle at the thought of the good times, I cry at the thought of the bad times but I remember all those times and the in between times and I'll remember the love forever.  I'll remember your voice forever, forevermore.

maybe now maybe never maybe once maybe forever maybe you should give yourself a pat on the back maybe you should cry yourself to sleep maybe I should be more understanding maybe I should be less understanding maybe I should care more or care less maybe I should be stronger or weaker or more stubborn or less stubborn maybe this was a doomed ride from the outset and we were just passengers of fate and maybe this didn't mean anything to you but I felt every emotion and now I feel like crying, dying and fading

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Second Life Viewer 2.0

I didn't want to post this earlier, sure I could have posted my thoughts on Viewer 2.0 an hour after I downloaded it.  But I would have only been looking at some of the changes, I decided to wait until I had a few more days to explore this strange new Viewer.

First off, let me talk a little about the current viewers available for Second Life.  Sure if you're a casual SL'er you've probably only used the main LL viewer and maybe you've used Snowglobe each of these viewers are ok...but inarguably the better SL viewers come from different sources.

Henri Beauchamp's  Cool SL Viewer is my primary viewer, I also like the Emerald Viewer, though that can tax my graphics card at times.  There's the Vertical Life viewer which is excellent for the stripped down quality and extra FPS boost it can give you (vital for playing GOHA or Giant Snail Racing) and there's lots of other great third party viewers out there.

This is not to say that the Official Viewers don't have their place, they do and without them most of the third party viewers wouldn't be so great.  But here we have Viewer 2.0...a new wave as it were...and how does it hold up?

My God It's Pretty!!
If that's not your first thought then it really should be...because it inarguably is very very pretty...the UI differences are the first thing you spot...from the docked sidebar to the sleek navigation area and favourites bar, this is a viewer that actually makes you feel like it's a much more classy Second Life.

Sure there's flaws in this design...trying to drop something from your inventory to a person via their profile becomes a bit more of a pain (not to mention the current bug on not being able to change object permissions of things in my inventory - this is a bug...atleast that's what I'm hoping).

But the big win is that the UI and Sidebar make SL feel more professional and easier to use.  I've taught students the basics of SL with the regular viewer and I know it can take a while for non "gamers" to get used to it.  With this UI and the way it's set up I can see this taking a lot less time...things just seem more intuitive, easier and better presented.

Big Win For LL
Well almost.  Sure things look better but I can't help but feel that some of the usability of Second Life has been reduced a little.  Drop Menu's replacing Pie Menu's...I'm still unsold on this although the great Torley Linden said that he missed the Pie Menu's too at first "but give yourself time to use 'em... maybe the pie won't seem so tasty.." 
So maybe I'm just still in the adjusting phase.  I really like some of the new features, the Hyperlink style "My Outfits" creator is awesome, meaning I don't have to create actual folders for outfits but can pick and choose and store my favourites there.  That's an epic win especially considering the changing into and out of Snail Shapes or Hockey Kits I do on a weekly/semi daily basis.

The Friends list with profile pictures on gives a little sheen to finding people and looks very cool.

As this is the first Viewer 2.0 release and I'm sure there'll be many more down the line, I'm actually looking forward to seeing what Emerald or Henri do with this code to create new Cool Viewer 2.0's or Emerald 2.0 viewers.  Other than that there is still one big thing missed out of this...

64 bit processing and 64 bit OS systems are becoming more and more popular and SL is still stuck at 32 bit...please let somebody sort that out...