Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Daily PWN - The PWN Continues

All right, Mr Belvedere. This interview was an interesting one to get, I've been associated with GOHA since it was in Season 2 and I've done a lot of work with them, captaining a side in the 3rd Season, Commissionaire of The Euro League in the 5th Season, Designer of Hockey Jerseys for both the Euro League and an All Star event. I've known Jack longer than 90% of my friends lists. He was best man at my wedding and he's an awesome guy.

GOHA is one of the easiest sports to pick up in Second Life and conversely one of the hardest to master. There are levels of play and teamwork and tactics just like in the real world. With them currently expanding the league and working alongside Linden Labs with the Community Partnership Programme we thought it was the ideal time to interview the creator of the game.

This is the return of "Auggie Cam" yes, my camera is the medium shot of Jack Belvedere staring intimidatingly at you :).

The other part of this show? Well that was handled with fits of giggles between myself and Matt, we're absolutely serious professionals when it comes to a take. But sometimes Matt's tangents can be insane and I feel it's my job to keep him on message. That said anyone who can hear us singing during breaks would run screaming. We're not entering American Idol anytime soon. Our rendition of "Still Alive" from the Portal game is...well it's definitely something.

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