Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My Digits...

Raw Shot from SL, just cropped and using
Strawberry Singh's "original" windlight setting,
Yeah I'm late on this and I didn't do it last year, but I was intrigued by Strawberry's post.  Has Mesh changed things with regards to shape/size?  Has it changed things for the better with regard to clothes/attachments?

Have we all become used to changing parts of our avatar each time we try on a new mesh item of clothing?

The answer, at least for me, is yes.  Sure I'm not the most fashionable guy in SL, I'm not hosting fashion shows or telling you what not to wear...hell I have ginger hair I have my own problems, you know?

But my shape has changed and does change occasionally depending on what I'm wearing.  This is an altered shape so I can't list all the stuff here, for obvious reasons.  But I can tell you my height and can tell you my "Standard Size" settings.

My Digits
Height - 100 (7'8 using the Avatar Ruler)

Body Fat - 13
Belly Size - 9
Torso Muscle - 72
Love Handles - 35
Leg Muscle - 76
Butt Size - 65
Saddle Bags - 49
Package - 49
Pectorals - 10

Impressive digits, no?  Ok, apart from the height those stats are Standard Size Large.  But let's get the height thing out there...
I'm 7'8????  Yeah...that's apparently "Golem" territory, but I have a legitimate excuse.  At least I think it's legitimate, my fiancée is in fashion, she models, she's tall.  Now I could revert to a more "natural" height if I wanted to look like Tom Cruise when he was with Nicole Kidman, but sadly SL doesn't work that way.  Animations automatically assume that the Male is taller than the Female.  So I keep myself taller just for that sake (and not because my fragile RL masculinity likes the idea of being all powerfully tall in Second Life...no not at all).

Do I change things in SL when I want/need to...Hell yes, butt size, pec size, the whole thing needs to be reworked depending on the outfit.  Does this bother me.  Yes, I can't wait for the deformer.  I hope it does all it's supposed to do.

so that's my two and a half L$'s, thanks for reading :).

Monday, 25 June 2012


In the world, there are consumers and there are creators...

There are also people like me who exist in the middle ground, who like to "dabble" who like to create, who like to know how stuff work and aim to make stuff better.  If you're the type of person who loves poking around with opensource code, takes time to learn how stuff is made.  Heck, if you've built your own PC you know where I'm coming from...the satisfaction, the "yeah that's what I made" thing...that.

Well in Second Life, I do that to an Nth degree, I've created and consumed almost everything that I could in Second Life, from clothes, media, buildings, odd bits of LSL/Mono code, parts of community/sim builds.  I've done a heck of a lot in Second Life, I'm one of the "all rounders"...a jack of all trades...etc.

I used to put very very simple LSL sit scripts on benches and chairs that I'd made because well 2 reasons a) Simple sits are easy to make, b) I HATE POSEBALLS.  And I'm not the only one, I always thought the MLP stuff would be better without poseballs I always thought that poseballs were passé, even when I started in Second Life, more than 5 years ago.

So I used sit scripts and I bought some of the pose scripts from marketplace but nothing ever had what I wanted in it...until I stumbled across nPose.  nPose is..."an LSL script for use in Second Life® that allows one or more avatars to sit on (and otherwise control) objects and rez props, without poseballs."  nPose is...GREAT.

Sure it's a "work in progress" it's an opensource experimentation, but at it's core it does everything right, it works if you're creating a couch, a bed even as a single sit engine, it's awesome.

And that's not getting into the "other stuff" nPose can do, and it can do a lot, I've fiddled with bits of the code and turned off or on various things, I've had long (sometimes days long) conversations with some of the "main" script writers trying to work to a "better implementation method" or a less laggy colour change script.  Trust me Howard over there will roll his eyes if you mention my name and the words "mithering S.O.B." might not be far away from his mind or lips.

When I first used it, I used it simply for an animation, that was it...I just wanted a couple of animations in something and an easy way to switch through them.  And I learned that in the first hour or two, then...then I learned more.  Now I'm throwing in colour/texture change buttons, Rezzable accessories (props), RLV/RLVa controls and everytime I run into a wall there's a support group in the form of the nPose community, people who can answer the questions, who can help you work to make your creation better.

The only limit...is your imagination...that's really cheesy to write but in this case that's what I've come to the conclusion of...This one tool can do so much and the price makes it unbeatable...it's free.

You can find nPose in world at various places, this page has more details: Find nPose

and you can join the nPose community inworld just search nPose in group search.

Monday, 4 April 2011

There's trouble ahead

Monday morning, Northpoint, while re-arranging my desk and looking over some of last nights shows I was approached by a man I'd never before seen. This is not unusual for Northpoint and I always do my best to help but this guy looked somewhat official as he started putting posters up around the building.

After a light interrogation where I was asked where Miss Widdershins would likely to be and I confirmed all the data I had available on what today's Designing Worlds schedule was, the gentleman left...leaving me wondering...what has Saffia done this time? And more to the point, how much bail is it going to cost?

for more information on what's going on please visit the Prim Perfect Blog

Prim Perfect

Prim Perfect

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Happy Rez Day To Me...Happy Rez Day!!

4 Years of Second Life! Four Years! That's a presidential term, that's a long time, I've lived through the boom, the bust, the highs, the lows, the lag! The question of whether SL will be still here in another 4 years is one that I might have put into the back of my mind last night, but that is a question!

I have a fair few people on my friends list in SL, though I really wish Second Life Friendslist had categories so I could put them into friends/family/colleagues/enemies folders and know instantly where each one stands. Out of all these friends I have only one love, Honoria Paine-Lusch, my darling Honeybee.

I returned home after the Machinima Expo had started over at Pop Art Labs (one has to be seen at these events and I will get to watch the whole show on Treet.TV when it is archived) to find my darling Honeybee finishing off the touches to the gift area (I'd awoke to a house full of balloons but balloons and our dog, Foxy, don't mix). The girls were staying at their aunts and we had the night to ourselves (a somewhat rare occasion), I opened the gifts (an awesome wallet, lamp and giftcard from my daughters, and a really cool watch from my wife) and upon looking at the time on the watch my wife informed me we might be running late...

"Running late for what?"

Within seconds I was whisked on board the Orient Express...

Not knowing the destination we were heading to, and feeling slightly light headed as my dear Honeybee explained that we'd have time for a meal, shower and change before arriving at our destination. The food, was exquisite but the company was heavenly as we chatted and ate, drank coffee and laughed. My wife had packed my favourite formal suit though there was another parcel next to it that I wondered about, that would come later. I showered, changed and we arrived at our destination.

San Francisco...

How did the Orient Express get to San Francisco? Well this is Second Life, anything is possible. But under the moonlight with the city behind us we danced, we kissed, the world slipped away from us and time stopped. I serenaded...

We laughed, we joked...it was a beautiful night and a wonderful feeling that seemed to be over far too soon as the conductor informed us we had to depart and get away...

This was the moment for the other package...Opening it up I was shocked to discover a skin tight body armour and face mask, with a questioning look to Honeybee and her grinning at me we "Space Suited Up" as Barney from How I Met Your Mother would say and in a beam of futuristic light we arrived at our next destination.


The Red Planet, the fourth planet from the Sun, Mars was also known as Ares to the Greeks and renamed Mars by the Romans. The planet was named for the God Of War because when they looked upon it they saw it as a badge of blood in the sky. Our adventure was only just beginning though, as we stumbled across a deserted outpost that looked like it had been quickly abandoned.

Honeybee and I quickly and without hesitation began to investigate the events surrounding the outpost. But this story will be completed another time.

This was my RezDay and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day with my wonderful wife.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

What makes a show successful?

I have a firm belief that a quality product is better than a substandard product, "sure," you're saying to yourself "who doesn't?". Hopefully no-one, that's why iPad sales outweigh the sales of lower quality no-name iPad-a-likes (you know the ones that pop up with Android 1.6 on them and are basically big calculators with poor touch screens).

In that regard, Treet.TV does quality programming, Paisley, Saffia, Pooky, etc know how to make a show and know what to do with that show, this week we (Texas and I) were looking at a new show from a new member of our production team. I can't tell you the name of the show yet or even the producer, but I had 2 edits of this show. One was an edit of low quality that was passable, and the other was an edit that was great.

I'd already made my mind up that the show was going to be aired on seeing the lower quality version. But the producer wanted to get a higher quality, she wanted it to look great and for the visuals to POP! This puts her right up there in that quality producer category, this puts her up there with the best and it's clear that whatever she does, she wants to do it right.

Soon this project will be officially announced and you'll be able to see for yourself