Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My Digits...

Raw Shot from SL, just cropped and using
Strawberry Singh's "original" windlight setting,
Yeah I'm late on this and I didn't do it last year, but I was intrigued by Strawberry's post.  Has Mesh changed things with regards to shape/size?  Has it changed things for the better with regard to clothes/attachments?

Have we all become used to changing parts of our avatar each time we try on a new mesh item of clothing?

The answer, at least for me, is yes.  Sure I'm not the most fashionable guy in SL, I'm not hosting fashion shows or telling you what not to wear...hell I have ginger hair I have my own problems, you know?

But my shape has changed and does change occasionally depending on what I'm wearing.  This is an altered shape so I can't list all the stuff here, for obvious reasons.  But I can tell you my height and can tell you my "Standard Size" settings.

My Digits
Height - 100 (7'8 using the Avatar Ruler)

Body Fat - 13
Belly Size - 9
Torso Muscle - 72
Love Handles - 35
Leg Muscle - 76
Butt Size - 65
Saddle Bags - 49
Package - 49
Pectorals - 10

Impressive digits, no?  Ok, apart from the height those stats are Standard Size Large.  But let's get the height thing out there...
I'm 7'8????  Yeah...that's apparently "Golem" territory, but I have a legitimate excuse.  At least I think it's legitimate, my fiancĂ©e is in fashion, she models, she's tall.  Now I could revert to a more "natural" height if I wanted to look like Tom Cruise when he was with Nicole Kidman, but sadly SL doesn't work that way.  Animations automatically assume that the Male is taller than the Female.  So I keep myself taller just for that sake (and not because my fragile RL masculinity likes the idea of being all powerfully tall in Second Life...no not at all).

Do I change things in SL when I want/need to...Hell yes, butt size, pec size, the whole thing needs to be reworked depending on the outfit.  Does this bother me.  Yes, I can't wait for the deformer.  I hope it does all it's supposed to do.

so that's my two and a half L$'s, thanks for reading :).

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