Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Pet Peeves - 3DConnexions Space Navigator

Don't get me wrong I'm sure the 3DConnexions Space Navigator is looks fantastic and I want one...I really do.

I could justify (kinda) paying $99USD for the thing, that's roughly £65.26 GBP then ofcourse there's tax on top of that...currently 17.5% so that would be about £76.68...lets call that £77 for rounding up sake. Heck I'd go as far as £80, with tax.

That's not too bad, I'd probably be willing to buy one at that price.

Except that's not what they're selling it for. From the website it's £117.81 for the navigator. that's with's actually £99GBP without tax...for those of you thinking "well that's about what it is in the US..." think again the exchange rate from GBP to USD has never been 1-1 and probably never will be. £99GBP is about $150.19USD. You see where I'm going with that?

3DConnexions is not the only company who do this with US and UK prices and I've never seen a suitable reasoning for it.

So yeah, I'd love a Space Navigator, I think they look awesome and I'm sure it would be a great help to me in Second Life with Machinima and Building and even for just playing about. But I can't justify spending £30GBP more than the product is actually worth. Times are hard enough as it is why are companies making it more difficult?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Daily PWN: Weekly Review - Virtual Wiz

In this special episode, Matt Ryan has a sit-down with one of the Treet.TV founders, Wiz Nordberg. They discuss mobile gaming, virtual worlds and the future of controllers.

Games Covered:
Crosswords -
Plain Sight -
Strategery -
Second Life -
Pocket Metaverse -

For more information about Wiz Nordberg and Treet visit:

Monday, 19 July 2010

Advertising on The Daily PWN

The Daily PWN is a multimedia hub giving frank and honest opinions in the world of gaming and technology along with interviews with key people involved in virtual worlds. It is run and produced by Matt Ryan who specialises in writing articles about independent games as well as up and coming things within the world of Second Life, PC, Mac, iPhone OS, X-Box 360, Nintendo and Sony platforms.

The dedicated website is filled with articles that are updated regularly and is constantly growing in popularity, the weekly video podcast produced within the virtual world of Second Life is hosted through Treet TV, the most popular and highly acclaimed television network covering the metaverse.

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