Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Pet Peeves - 3DConnexions Space Navigator

Don't get me wrong I'm sure the 3DConnexions Space Navigator is looks fantastic and I want one...I really do.

I could justify (kinda) paying $99USD for the thing, that's roughly £65.26 GBP then ofcourse there's tax on top of that...currently 17.5% so that would be about £76.68...lets call that £77 for rounding up sake. Heck I'd go as far as £80, with tax.

That's not too bad, I'd probably be willing to buy one at that price.

Except that's not what they're selling it for. From the website it's £117.81 for the navigator. that's with's actually £99GBP without tax...for those of you thinking "well that's about what it is in the US..." think again the exchange rate from GBP to USD has never been 1-1 and probably never will be. £99GBP is about $150.19USD. You see where I'm going with that?

3DConnexions is not the only company who do this with US and UK prices and I've never seen a suitable reasoning for it.

So yeah, I'd love a Space Navigator, I think they look awesome and I'm sure it would be a great help to me in Second Life with Machinima and Building and even for just playing about. But I can't justify spending £30GBP more than the product is actually worth. Times are hard enough as it is why are companies making it more difficult?

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