Monday, 14 December 2009

11 Months

It's now been over 11 months since my Honeybee and I got married, partnered etc...and so many things have changed since last January when we stood in front of a crowd of people who were closest to us and vowed to love each other forever.

Things change all the time in Second Life, it's a given...people alter their shapes/skins etc sometimes this change is good sometimes this change is bad. I've changed a little in the 11 months I've been married but one thing will always remain true, my undying love for Honoria.

To celebrate our 11 months together we planned a night out, music and dancing and food and...good times :).
Naturally, things didn't go to plan. According to the Events listing there was a "Big Band" and "Jazz" night with a meal and...I thought this might be really fun...but the Events listing was wrong...and we turned up to an empty Ballroom dressed to the nines (Honeybee glows in any clothes, but I've always loved her "little black dress" :) )

After the disappointment of finding my plans scuppered...we made haste to a different place...actually it was a Mall Ballroom! It for the 4 songs we stayed for and thus started our whirlwind tour of Second Life music venues. Between our constant IM's about the quality of the singers or buildings or general hosting of events we had such a good time that the laughter and love made me realise that I am the luckiest man in the world.

Happy 11 Monthiversary, My Darling Honeybee...

I love you

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