Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Shopping, Shoes, Blues and Toys

I like to think I'm a relaxed dad...y'know not uptight, not going to explode at any given second because of some slight misbehaviour out of my daughters. And all in all I think it's important for me to set boundaries for my girls, things they are allowed to do and things they're not.

This doesn't mean those boundaries are always respected. Oreo wants high heels and seems to want to grow up so fast that I fear she'll lose her childhood before she turns 12...
This leaves me conflicted, I know that she'd be really happy wearing heels and dressing in fashions that are more risqué, but I don't want her to become a teenager before she's a teenager...I have imposed a "no high heels" rule...with both my daughters...but Oreo is curious and yesterday under the pretence or the preteen pretence of heading to the bathroom, I found her skulking around in a pair of heels that would break the neck of most who wore them.

So there's the crime...the punishment...well it's difficult to enforce grounding her, and one of Oreo's problems is she hasn't got enough clothes as it is...at least not yet, she's too old for 90% of the kids fashions in SL and too young for 90% of the adult fashions in SL. My punishment to her should be making her go shopping, but like her Mom, she loves shopping and that's not really a punishment in itself.

I did get her some new shoes (as advised by my dear Honeybee...though taking an 11 year old shoe obsessed girl into J's Main Shop @ TSUKISHIMA was perhaps something I should have realised would cause me a few headaches :) ) We then went around looking for something, anything that was within her age range for toys or games...Christmas is coming and I think I have ideas...

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