Monday, 24 August 2009

Ok, I'm a bad blogger...

Lets see, the stuff I've missed blogging on...
  • Mine and Honeybee's wedding...well there's a story for another time!
  • Acting and Designing Sets...there's drama there that holds no bounds.
  • Adoption of our second daughter Oracle May Windlow Paine-Lusch...she's my Oreo.
  • Complete giving up on GOHA...
So...what am I going to talk about? Well I could start by discussing the current business venture...but...nah...Snail Racing!

When I started commentating on what is now's Global Online Hockey Association shows I naturally started watching There were/are some cool shows and the shows I really loved were as follows. Sail On: which was just brilliant to have in the background, Paisley Beebe:always good to watch and then RacerX Gullwing's Giant Snail Racing.

Man I loved the show, I remember I was working on some stuff to send to Texas Tintam when I saw it for the first time. I immediately stopped what I was doing and sent an IM to Texas telling her this show was like a cross between a racing programme and The Magic Roundabout.

A few months later I finally got chance to go down and visit the racetrack and met with Waelya Tenk...she taught me the basics...and now...well now I'm addicted.

I'm not the fastest snail on the track (I've come 4th so many times in the last race, it's almost a given) but when that cow hits the wall I'm amped up and running for my life!!

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