Saturday, 6 December 2008

The Actual All Star Game...

So it went without much of a fact it went swimmingly. Some might say that there were no problems with the SLHA All Star Game (and you can judge for yourself on ).
Sure the Zamboni race was delayed till after the game (and not covered by SLCN as they were pushed for time). Sure some of the MAJOR goal scorers were missing, The leagues best goaltender was missing.
And yes sure there was a few bits and bobs I would have liked to have made better...for instance I made the Shorts and socks at the very last minute...same with the captains armbands...(actually the captains armbands were made really last minute). But play went well...the teams evenly matched and thanks to a wonderful new feature in the SLHA script (thanks to Dyz Warburton our resident scripter GENIUS that he is) we covered our actual first gloves off fight!
But having watched the replay on SLCN it's the best game we've done (for both Kert and I it's our most even commentating...for the league it was a fast paced game...and for some of the players (honeybee I'm looking at you) it was their best played game on SLCN.
So where do we go from here?
Well on the SLHA side of things...we're coming to the end of Season 6...which means...well it means stress for the upper management...there have been major decisions taken with regards to Season 7's draft process...there are awards ceremony's there are the final playoffs between the Ice Lords and the Moose (Game 3 live on SLCN Sunday 2pm SLT)...there's a charity event...and ofcourse there's christmas and new year...
There's also the ever popular rumour mill...I don't know if it's every group in the world that does this when they're not playing or bored...but the SLHA rumour mill has geared up 5 steps for the holiday season. Accusations of "alts", banned people, script tampering, etc. These things are ugly and just keep flying round...a small break from SLHA is coming and that's a good thing I think cause otherwise I might become actually involved in some of this stuff and to be honest I don't want to be.
But finally on a more positive plans are are Luschious next year promises to start with a bang, a boom and some fun.

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