Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Let's begin at the beginning...

Goooooooooooooood Morning, Afternoon, Day, Night?
I have absolutely no idea what timezone you're in or when you're reading this so I think I've covered all the bases?

Good...let me introduce myself...I am August Lusch from Second Life (actually from a small part of Second Life near Glastonbury...lovely sim). So what's this blog about? Well this is an introduction to my thoughts, my world, my...y'know...y'know?

I'm a clothing designer, a sportscaster, a SL Hockey player, a lover not a fighter and ofcourse I enjoy the occasional evenings with friends too.

I'm not a shopper...well not by any stretch of the imagination...I'm more what you'd consider of designs rather than someone who goes to find the latest fashions (I leave that pretty much up to my darling fiance Honoria Paine

During the upcoming weeks we will delve into the psyche of me...also we'll delve into the problems and complications of setting up a wedding in Second Life...

And maybe if you're lucky we might even get to the bottom of why,where,how,what and when...

But until next time, I've been August Lusch and you've been patient..

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